Crystal Process Equipment

Ing. A. Rossi

Finisher - Refiner

Finisher Refiner for Tomato and Fruit

The brilliantly designed Eureka Turbo Finisher is a significant step forward.  Available in single or dual body configurations, the unit features a conical screen - rotor configuration, bi-directional capability and easily replaceable rotor blades.  

Thor MVR Evaporator

MVR based High Efficiency Evaporator for Tomato and Fruit Concentration

If you are concentrating fruit or tomato products, Thor can be a valuable, energy efficient, tool.  Utilizing both Falling Film or Mixed Flow plus MVR technology, steam efficiencies of 20:1 or better can be achieved.  Available in both single stage or the unique Mixed Flow configuration pioneered by Ing. A. Rossi for extended run time between cleaning.

Forced Circulation Evaporator

Multi Effect Forced Circulation Evaporator

Single or Multiple Effect Forced Circulation Evaporators are available for a wide range of products.  Units feature combination up and down flow heat exchangers for optimum efficiency and run time.

Heat Exchangers - Sterilizers

Dimple Tube in Tube Aseptic Sterilizer

Heat Exchangers are available in multiple configurations including tube in tube, triple tube, and tube in shell.  Both Aseptic and Non Aseptic units can be provided.

Hot and Cold Break

Enzyme Deactivation for Tomato and Fruit

Enzyme Deactivation is a critical step for fruit and tomato processing, Tube in tube styles for fruit and cold break tomato, and forced circulation models for hot or cold break tomato are available.

Complete Lines


Completed turnkey lines are available for Fruit and Tomato Processing