Crystal Process Equipment

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Static Retorts

Steam Water Spray Retort

Static Retorts are the most cost effective  sterilization solution for products that will not benefit from agitation.  High viscosity materials such as refried beans and solid products such as chubs are good examples.  Steam Water Spray and Saturated Steam versions are available.

Rocking Retorts

Rocking or Gentle Motion Retort for Pouch Sterilization

The gentle rocking motion provided by this technology is truly superior to competing systems due to its elegant simplicity.  The rocking motion accelerates heat transfer rates compared to static units resulting in shorter process times and improved product quality.  Ideal for virtually any container including pouches, cups, bowls or paperboard. 

Full Agitation Retorts

Multi Function Retort for Coffee Beverage Sterilization

Certain products such as coffee - dairy based beverages demand the fastest possible heat transfer rate and a high degree of agitation to preserve color, flavor and texture.  Full Agitation models answer this demand with the capability to provide high speed, end over end agitation with fully flexible process regimes.  These include Full or Partial Water Immersion, and Steam Water Spray.

Pilot Retorts

Small Lab Size Retort for Thermal Process Development

Pilot Retorts are essential tools for mid to high capacity manufacturers.  These multi-functional units accurately simulate production equipment for product development work and heat penetration studies needed for regulatory compliance.     

Hydrolock Continuous Sterilizer

Continuous Rotary Sterilizer Retort for Cans, Pouches or Bowls

Finally.... Processors are not locked into the one production line - one can size trap.  The Hydrolock is a truly viable alternative to rotary sterilizers.  With over 100 installations worldwide, Hydrolock technology is capable of handling virtually all container types , with full agitation for many.   

Control Systems

CFR 21 Part 11 Compliant Retort Sterilization Control System

It is not just about regulatory compliance.  With the Stock Icon Sterilization Control System processors can enjoy a truly modern, intuitive and flexible system that can be customized to suit their specific needs.  CFR 21 Part 11 compliance is just the beginning.