Retort Sterilization Systems

Hydrolock Sterilization System
Hydrolock Sterilization System

Our world enjoys the convenience, economy and security of shelf stable, low acid, food products largely because of thermal sterilization of the sealed container. Regardless of the container type; metal can, glass, or flexible package, systems to heat and cool the product have been developed which ensure the destruction of all spoilage organisms, bacteria and viruses for food safety, while preserving the nutritional and organoleptic properties.

Generally referred to in the industry as “in-container” sterilization, the machines used to apply the thermal process are referred to with many names, such as cooker, retort, or autoclave. Regardless of the name, they all are designed to apply uniform, precise thermal energy to achieve commercial sterility of every single container, every time, all the time.

Since 1975, Stock America has been a leading supplier of in-container sterilization solutions for low acid food products and pharmaceuticals. Offering both batch and continuous systems, Stock America and Crystal Process Equipment are able to deliver the right technology for your business, no matter how big, or small.

Static Retort Sterilization System

Static Retorts

Static Retorts are the most cost effective solution for products that will not benefit from agitation. Products such as refried beans or tuna in a can or pouch are good examples. Steam Water Spray or Saturated Steam versions are available.

Rocking Retort Sterilization System

Rocking Retorts

The gentle rocking motion provided by this technology is truly superior to competing systems due to its elegant simplicity. For liquid or particle – liquid mixtures, the rocking motion accelerates heat transfer rates compared to static units resulting in shorter process times and improved product quality. Rocking retorts are ideal for virtually any container format including pouches, cups, bowls, or paperboard.

Full Immersion Agitating Retort

Agitating Retorts

Certain products, such as coffee – dairy based beverages demand the highest possible heat transfer rate and a high degree of agitation to preserve color, flavor and texture. Full agitation models answer this demand, and provide high speed, end over end agitation with fully flexible process regimes including Full or Partial Water Immersion, or Steam Water Spray

Pilot Retort sterilization system

Pilot Retorts

Pilot Retorts are essential tools for mid to high capacity processors. These multi-functional units accurately simulate production scale equipment for product development work and the product specific heat penetration studies required for regulatory compliance

ABRS Container Handling System

Automatic Batch Retort System (ABRS)

ABRS Systems from Stock America combine multiple retort vessels with custom designed material handling systems to fully automate the continuous flow of product to and from the retorts. Capable of very high production rates, these systems utilize various robotic components to accommodate the specific container characteristics, and feature multiple levels of controls to enhance the security of the process. For smaller processors, semi automatic systems are available to reduce labor and enhance productivity.

Hydrolock sterilization system

Hydrolock Continuous Sterilizer

Finally, Processors that want a continuous system are not locked into the one production line – one can size trap! The Hydrolock is a truly viable alternative to rotary sterilizers, and is capable of handling multiple can sizes with minimal change over time. With over 100 installations worldwide, Hydrolock solid, proven technology for handling virtually all container types.