Nut Pasteurization

Laitram CoolSteam Nut Pasteurization System

The Laitram CoolSteam Pasteurization System is an ideal solution for applying a selectable 4 or 5 log kill on virtually all tree nut varieties while always maintaining the raw like quality, texture and flavor that consumers demand.

Soon to have over 30 validated and successful installations for products including almonds, pistachio, walnut, cashew, hazelnuts and others, Laitram is emerging as the clear leader in the relatively new field of thermal pasteurization technologies for nuts. The reason is simple; the continuous, modular, CoolSteam technology provides the ideal thermal treatment, balancing lethality and quality at each step of the process. Compared to competitive technologies, CoolSteam is not too hot which can lead to color degradation, skin lift and reduced shelf life, and it’s not to cold which involves extended dwell times and negatively impacts texture. For nuts, CoolSteam is just right!

Key to the CoolSteam technology is the utilization of extremely uniform Forced Convection Heat Transfer combined with a precise, homogeneous mixture of Steam and Air in the pasteurization step, always below the boiling point of 212 F. The process phases of a typical system are as follows:

Preheating – Application of forced convection dry heat to elevate the surface temperature of the product to control condensation on the surface of the product.

Pasteurization – Forced convection of the Steam Air mixture to provide rapid lethality.

Drying – Identical to the Preheating zone, but used to remove any trace moisture from the pasteurization step, and provide the processor with a tool to fine tune the final product moisture content.

Cooling – Forced convection of cold air to reduce the product temperature below ambient for immediate pack out without worry of mold or condensation.

Laitram CoolSteam Pasteurizer

Almond Skin Lift Prevention Video

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Precision Roasting

The inherent uniformity of Laitram Forced Convection technology made the addition of roasting capability a natural extension of the system capability. By extending the drying zone with additional modules, longer dwell times of 15 minutes, 20 minutes, or more, can be provided. The quality and uniformity of the roast are excellent, and fully controllable without impact to the pasteurization process. For salted products, the system can even be supplied with an in-line briner.

Laitram, founded in 1949, is a solid company with a long track record of innovation, among which are the invention of the first mechanism for peeling shrimp, and the ubiquitous molded plastic belting material called Intralox. Based in New Orleans, LA, and with factory employed service technicians in California, Laitram is global leader in Seafood, Vegetable, and Nut Processing.

Nut Roasting Capable Metal Belt