Aseptic Processing

Continuous sterilization is the starting point for all aseptic processing systems. It involves the precise delivery of thermal energy to the product to ensure that every drop, and every particle, achieves the exact temperature and hold time required to destroy pathogens and spoilage organisms. Once this is accomplished, the product must be cooled as quickly as possible to minimize thermal degradation prior to filling. In addition to precision in every step, extreme care and thoughtful equipment design is essential to eliminate the potential for recontamination of the project from external air or fluids.

Ing. A. Rossi Aseptic Sterilizer – Heat Exchanger Systems are available in multiple configurations including Dual (tube in tube) for products with particulates and Triple tube systems usually for homogeneous liquids such as Puree. For each application, the ideal system is selected based on a detailed analysis of product characteristics including its thermal and shear sensitivity properties. Typically, these systems utilize hot water as the heating medium for precise control, however, alternative heating methods such as ohmic are available for extremely delicate products.

Once your product is sterile and cool, its ready for filling in either an Ing. A. Rossi ARGO Bulk filler for 55 gallon drum/300 gallon bins, or into a 3 to 20 liter food service bag in box with the blazing fast, patented ALYA Filler

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Aseptic tube in tube sterilizer system
Aseptic tube in tube sterilizer system
Ing. A. Rossi ARGO Aseptic Filler
Argo dual head bulk aseptic filler for bins and drums