Crystal Process Equipment LLC was started in 2019 by Paul Favia with the objective of connecting Food Processors in the western US to a small group of innovative Equipment Manufacturers, and delivering successful, critical path projects that improve the efficiency, quality, and profitability of food manufacturing operations.

With the benefit of over 40 years’ experience and deep technical competency, Crystal Process brings value to both the Processor and Supplier through partnership at each phase of the project. Starting with a clear understanding of the Processors needs and challenges, we engage all parties with deliberate, comprehensive analysis of the technical and economic aspects to ensure any proposed solution is rock solid. This engagement continues throughout the sales process, all the way to a successful installation and operation of the new equipment.

Crystal Process proudly partners with the following suppliers:

The Ing. A. Rossi Group based in Parma, Italy is a globally respected manufacturer of a full range of Fruit and Tomato processing equipment including Enzyme Deactivation, Finishing – Refining, Evaporation, and Aseptic Processing. Through their Aronpak Div., Ing. A. Rossi also offers complete packaging lines for glass and metal containers including Palletizer – Depalletizer, Filling – Closing, Conveying and complete line integration. The company was founded over 70 years ago by Engineer Angelo Rossi, and continues today as a strong family business. To the right is a short video of their story.

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Ing. A. Rossi Company

Stock America, a Promach business unit, is the pioneer responsible for introducing the end over end (EOE) agitation process for can sterilization to the North American Market in the 1970’s. Still an industry leader, Stock America’s In Container Sterilization portfolio covers a wide range of Static, Rocking and Full Agitation Retort Systems for batch processing, as well as full automation for Automatic Batch Retort Systems (ABRS). Stock America is also the exclusive North American distributor for the unique Hydrolock system for continuous thermal processing of cans, glass and flexible packages.

Stock America a Promach business

Laitram Machinery based in Harahan, LA, manufactures the innovative CoolSteam Pasteurization and Precision Roasting System for various nut products. Laitrams’ unique technology provides gentle, fast pasteurization of a wide variety of tree nuts, including Almonds, Walnuts, Pistachio and if desired, can incorporate quality dry roasting capability. Laitram CoolSteam is clearly the emerging leader in the relatively new field of nut pasteurization as a result of the brilliantly simple design, reliable lethality, and truly superior finished product quality.

Laitram Machinery

Thank you for visiting, and a quick note about the company name and logo – Outside of this professional endeavor, Paul is an enthusiastic prospector and miner of rare crystalized minerals. The logo represents the unique ditrigonal – dipyramidal symmetry of Benitoite, a rare barium titanium silicate only occurring as large gem quality crystals in San Benito County, CA, and California’s state gemstone. Contrary to rumors promoted by jocular colleagues in the industry, the name has nothing to do with any blue, crystalline illicit substances.

Paul Favia is an enthusiastic prospector and miner of rare crystal and minerals