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Steam Water Spray Retort for Food Sterilization

Solid Solutions

Our business is providing solid equipment solutions to the Food Processing Industry in the western US.  We are aligned with a small group of agile, world class manufacturers to help you make your product more efficiently, and with a higher degree of safety and quality. 

Evaporation Plant for Tomato

Food Processing Equipment for Tomato, Fruit, and Low Acid Canning

Crystal Process Equipment offers expertise and equipment for the following:

  • Tomato Processing
  • Fruit and Vegetable  Processing
  • Sterilization for shelf stable products
  • Aseptic Processing
  • Filling and Closing for metal and glass containers
  • Nut Pasteurization

Hydrolock Can Sterilization Machine

Food Safety

Manufacturing the products that sustain the worlds population carries a responsibility.  Every container must be safe!.  As you do, Crystal Process Equipment makes this a high priority, and is well versed in providing the right process for your business.

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